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Australian Tax Monitor – New Product!

June 28th, 2013 by cchadmin

The Australian Tax Monitor is a consolidated tax law database which gives you access to weekly updates on tax law, retrospective changes and future events across tax related topics.

“More than 100 tax changes are said to be sitting in a Treasury queue after being announced but never legislated”, according to a report in The Australian (by David Crowe, 18 April 2013).

With tax law changing constantly, it is difficult to stay on top of everything without spending too much time researching in different resources in order to get an understanding of where a tax bill or announcement is at.

The Australian Tax Monitor subscription will keep you on top of all the changes and let you be more confident when it comes to tax planning.

Find out more about Australian Tax Monitor.

Car fringe benefit info as FBT season approaches

April 22nd, 2013 by cchadmin

CCH’s Australian Private Rulings: Selected Case Studies (WAPRCS) has been updated to include 24 private rulings on car fringe benefit issues.

Car benefits are one of the most common fringe benefits provided to employees, and private rulings concerning the statutory formula and operating cost formulas, as well as exempt vehicles are an especially useful resource in the forthcoming FBT season. 

For ease of use, cross references to relevant parts of the commentary in the Australian Federal Tax Reporter have been provided for further details.

Workplace gender composition reporting: Are your clients ready?

April 22nd, 2013 by cchadmin

As of 1 April businesses with 100+ employees must lodge annual reports about the gender composition of their workforce in a new format to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency.

The changes are explained in CCH’s Australian & New Zealand Equal Opportunity Law & Practice (AEOP): commentary explaining the impact of the changes at ¶15-180ff, and the new Workplace Gender Equality (Matters in relation to Gender Equality Indicators) Instrument 2013 at ¶97-710, which provides the detail on the indicators against which businesses must report.

The amended and renamed legislation can be found in AEOP at ¶97-700: Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012.

Does “FATCA” affect your customers?

April 18th, 2013 by cchadmin

The Australian Federal Tax Reporter (¶79-597) and the 2013 Australian Master Tax Guide (¶22-075) have useful information about FATCA – the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act.

It is a tax avoidance measure that targets US citizens hiding assets in undisclosed foreign bank accounts. It potentially affects Australian financial institutions, including banks, insurance and real estate companies, many Australian superannuation funds and fund managers.

The Federal Tax Reporter has also recently been updated for a number of important cases in the High Court and the Full Federal Court, including:

  • FC of T v Consolidated Media Holdings Ltd 2012 ATC ¶20-361 (High Court) – commentary on the definition of “share capital account” in s 975-300 (¶763-255) and the off-market share buy-back provisions (¶75-018)
  • Mills v FC of T 2012 ATC ¶20-360 (High Court) on Part IVA – the general anti-avoidance provision – and franking credit trading and dividend streaming schemes (from ¶81-370)
  • Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd v Konza & Anor 2012 ATC ¶20-347 (Full Federal Court), on the information-gathering powers of the Tax Office, at ¶785-680 and ¶785-720)
  • Intoll Management Pty Ltd v FC of T 2012 ATC ¶20-363 (Full Federal Court) on the treatment under s 23AJ of foreign non-portfolio dividends received by a trust that is the head company of a consolidated group (¶9-990).

Family law newsletters in your inbox

April 18th, 2013 by cchadmin

From April, the Australian Family Law & Practice newsletter will be emailed directly to subscribers in full-colour PDF format rather than being sent by post with a print update.

This means that WAFL subscribers will now also have access to the newsletter in their email inbox.

Subscribers to Australian Family Law Handbook (AFCH), Australian De Facto Relationships Law (ADR) and Australian Family Law Child Support Handbook (AFCS) will now also receive the new mega Family Law newsletter via email in PDF format with stories in the areas of legislation, procedure, de facto relationships and child support amalgamated into the main family law newsletter.

The new family law newsletter will contain news stories, features and case summaries as well as update information and case abstracts.